November 1 – All Saints Day, and other things

Hi everyone,
May is asking for help from us this coming November 1, All Saints Day at 6:00pm. I’ll be available, but of course I’d need your help for this. Let me know if you’re available November 1 at about 5:30 (or 5:15 would be even better!) It’s a Friday, so we’ll practice for November 3 right after.
I don’t yet have a lineup, but here’s what we did last year:
We’ll take this Friday off, but let’s meet next Friday. So here is our upcoming schedule:
10/18: off 10/25: practice 7:30 11/1: mass 6, call 5:30 practice 7:30 11/3: mass 9:30, call 8:30 11/8: practice 11/10: mass
It’s also time to start working on Angel’s Carol. Please start listening to it, and I’ll work on finishing the mp3’s and upload them so you have practice files.
thanks so much everyone!

Sunday October 6 music

Hi all,
I’d love your input on Sunday October 6th’s music lineup.
I’ve attached resources I use:
Today’s Liturgy (pdf attached)
Readings from USCCB:
Voices as One blog:
If you’d like to participate please send me your suggestions directly. Otherwise enjoy your week!

Fwd: PSALM 90 FOR SEPT 07-08

———- Forwarded message ——— From: may ruiz <> Date: Sun, Aug 25, 2019, 11:36 AM Subject: PSALM 90 FOR SEPT 07-08 To: T. Th <>, Katherine Nguyen <>, Rodrigo Villanueva <>, Naomi Mari <>, Arnold Banares <>, John Chinte <>, Hoan Tran <>, Christian Andrade <>
*MaryHope Ruiz*

“Remember that you are needed. There is at least one important work to be done that will not be done unless you do it.”* -Charles L. Allen*

Fwd: St. Elizabeth Easter Mass – YouTube Playlist

Check this out!
———- Forwarded message ——— From: Susana Sun <> Date: Sat, Apr 6, 2019, 6:26 PM Subject: St. Elizabeth Easter Mass – YouTube Playlist To: <>, John Chinte <> Cc: Sun, Susana <>
Hi folks, I went through the Praising Voice Choir Team website to look at the lineup for the Easter Mass. It is a very nice and upbeat selection of songs. I am looking forward to singing these songs.
I created a YouTube Playlist for the songs in case you would like to use it for practicing the songs.
John, I don’t have the email ids of the Praising Voice team, so feel free to distribute to them.
Regards, Susana

All Saints Day November 1

Hi everyone,
We (PV) have been asked to help out with the All Saints Day bilingual mass on November 1 at 6pm. We will be welcoming some choir members from the Hispanic community as well.
Who is available to sing on this day? Please let me know ASAP. Thanks!
Have a great rest of your day! John

October 12 – no rehearsal

Hi everyone,
One week from Friday there will be no rehearsal. Evening with Mary is that evening and we should participate if we’re able. I will be out performing at a concert at Silver Creek HS.
I really don’t have a good time to rehearse otherwise so we have to be really productive this coming Friday! A lineup will be dropping shortly on the website.
See you Friday! John


Hi everyone,
We will rehearse for Friday for mass (45 minutes!) And the wedding on August 25 (1 hour) . Let us all know if you’re coming or if you’re not. Thanks!


Rehearsal is Friday August 3, Mass is August 5!

Hi everyone!

It’s your friendly┬áneighborhood choir director calling us to a rehearsal this Friday! Let me know if you can attend by replying to this email!
Also please confirm that you’ve still reserved Saturday August 25 at Noon for a wedding in Mission Santa Clara. Our choir is getting paid, so we’re going to have some choir activity (like a labor day bbq??) covered!

See you all soon!