———- Forwarded message ——— From: may ruiz <meyay2002@yahoo.com> Date: Wed, Apr 8, 2020 at 9:43 PM Subject: EASTER TRIDUUM and EASTER SUNDAY CELEBRATION 2020 To: John Chinte <jchinte@gmail.com>, Julia Rey <juliareyregalado@gmail.com>, Hoan Tran <hoantran@gmail.com>, Noel Fisico <noelfisico@gmail.com>, Adele Ubaldo <adeleubaldo4@gmail.com>, Grace Nguyen <graceannenguyen@gmail.com>, Victor Miranda <miranda.1245@hotmail.com>, Maria Magallon < ozzynmar@gmail.com>, Ozzy Magallon <ozzymagallon17@gmail.com>
Hello Everyone!
How have you been? I hope you are cooperating very well with our State/County/City Guidelines on Covid-19 and Taking extra care of yourself — for your family especially for your children or parents or grandparents. Our situation is so so very extra ordinary; very very tough time, and I’m sure we all miss to go to mass, to serve the Lord thru our gift of music, and I’m sure you miss your choir too.
Unfortunately, I am in a position where I am obliged to do what I am supposed to do at this Pandemic time, to support our Liturgy and Music of our Church. It’s not so safe for me (I have asthma,diabetes, hyper tension), but I am trying to show my support to our 2 Priests who are trying very much to reach out and show their care for each one of us (our community). I know some people are not so appreciative of the trilingual mass that the Priests tried to put up – but I encourage everyone to be Thankful / Grateful and Join the St. Elizabeth Mass because it’s not a joke to put up a video recording/livestreaming of our Sunday Masses. Behind the scene, we have a lot to prepare, to put up, to coordinate. Even our mediamen are now joggling their time as they are also being tapped to do the livestreaming of our Bishop’s Holy Thursday, Good Friday and not sure yet of the Easter Vigil. So please bear with us, pray with us – let’s continue our virtual gathering as a community away from the building, but let’s keep close to each other in our hearts.
With that, I want to inform you that our 2 Priests finally decided *to join our Bishop Oscar Cantu’s Livestream Easter Triduum celebration* and they are also inviting us to join our Bishop. I think this is the best thing that we can do (while following the Covid guidelines) and in this way we Unite with our Bishop and achieve Unity as One Diocese, One Church.
So please go tomorrow to our stelizabethmilpitas.org/ (still being updated) or directly go to www.dsj.org/2020-easter-triduum-schedule/ or www.facebook.com/DioceseSanJose for the *Holy Thursday Mass at 7pm, Good Friday Service at 7pm and Easter Vigil at 8:30pm at the Diocese.* *For Easter Sunday we will have a livestream mass in our Parish in the morning.*
Thank you much – let’s keep praying for one another and that soon we will be together again and sing again at our respective Mass times. *MAY*
*MaryHope Ruiz*

“Remember that you are needed. There is at least one important work to be done that will not be done unless you do it.”* -Charles L. Allen*

Fwd: IMPORTANT UPDATE: Easter Triduum Choir Rehersals

———- Forwarded message ——— From: may ruiz <meyay2002@yahoo.com> Date: Wed, Mar 11, 2020 at 1:18 PM Subject: IMPORTANT UPDATE: Easter Triduum Choir Rehersals To: Kelly Gomez <kellygomez150@gmail.com>, Madee Raymundo < madee.raymundo17@gmail.com>, Manny Raymundo <manny_raymundo@yahoo.com>, Rodrigo Villanueva <rodvee922@yahoo.com>, Rosemarie Baltazar < rbaltazar2006@yahoo.com>, Rosemarie Baltazar <baltarose@yahoo.com>, Trang and Kenny CFC Viet Pianist <tthjune65@yahoo.com>, Annie Hensel < henzelthethorn@aol.com>, Annie Henzel <maraud53@yahoo.com>, Bill Henzel < wjhenzel1@aol.com>, Christian Andrade <maribeland368@gmail.com>, Janelle Wang <petitebelle10@yahoo.com>, Jeff Lum <jeff.y.lum@gmail.com>, Katherine Nguyen <katherinenguyen1030@gmail.com>, Lorna Torribio < lornatoribio61@gmail.com>, MamaJun Auxilio <junauxilio@yahoo.com>, Mel Manaloto <imizmel@yahoo.com>, Naomi Mari <naomi_mari@hotmail.com>, Sonia Elgar <soniae1104@yahoo.com>, Tam Nguyen <totamt@gmail.com>, Lechi Nguyen < lechi58@yahoo.com>, Terry & Branda Dow <buddyspack@att.net>, Terrence Dow < buddyhoot.td@gmail.com>, Oanh Day <oanhtran18@gmail.com>, Michael Day ( Lector St Elizabeth) <daymichaelv2@gmail.com>, Arnold Banares < ab_banares@yahoo.com>, Gerry Andrade <gerry.andrade16@yahoo.com>, Caridad < cary3117@att.net>, Julia Rey <juliareyregalado@gmail.com>, juliavregalado@gmail.com <juliavregalado@gmail.com>, Edeline Allenegui < edelinea@gmail.com>, Maria Magallon <ozzynmar@gmail.com>, Ozzy Magallon < ozzymagallon17@gmail.com>, Victor Miranda <miranda.1245@hotmail.com>, Hong Linh <linhhong_nguyen@yahoo.com>, Doan Nga <haircut.etc@me.com>, Lynh NGO < lngo1001@yahoo.com>, P. Ho <cr_phi2000@yahoo.com>, Mel Morales < mmorales27@sbcglobal.net> CC: John Chinte <jchinte@gmail.com>, Mona Sioco <mlquinoness@gmail.com>, Sr. Steve Evans <sae.mobile@gmail.com>, Knocky Vu <knockynvu@gmail.com>
Hello Everyone!
I know that we are all concerned about the spread of the coronavirus which is now a Pandemic as declared by the World Health Organization. But I want you to know that our Diocese and our Parish of St. Elizabeth are taking the steps to keep our parish community healthy with a memo released last week and another memo this week.
That’s why for our Easter Triduum Choir Rehearsals, *I plan to CANCEL the Big Group gathering TONIGHT *and *will plan on working with the small groups: *Sopranos, Altos, Baritone/Bass *to be scheduled sooner before this weekend.* I will be planning it /working on it with some pianists who can help in breaking up the big groups into SATB for now and in separate rooms.
For the Instrumentalists – violin, flute, guitar – we will have a different practice day as well. But for our Pianists – I will need your presence and help.
For the Cantors – I will email your parts and please rehearse very well your parts.
Almost all our Song Lineup for the 3 Holy Nights will be the same from last year-2019 and 2018. But I will Print a copy for those who will need it and will also scan and email to those who are using their Ipads /Tablets.
I ask you all to take extra care of yourselves and for those who are sick, please stay home and let me know so I can think more of other ways to give you our rehearsal plans.
*Let’s Fervently Pray and Hope that this Pandemic will die down sooner before the Holy Week so we can gather again as a choir for Easter Triduum.* *We all believe that have our God who is the Ultimate Healer – so we trust in Him.*
I apologize for this late notice – but I will follow it up with a Text message.
Thanks much for all your Dedication to serve our Parish of St. Elizabeth. MAY
“Remember that you are needed. There is at least one important work to be done that will not be done unless you do it.” * -Charles L. Allen*


I’m forwarding the email from May regarding the Triduum rehearsals
If you’d like to reply to all here regarding what days you’ll be singing for I can be the one to contact her and give names of singers.
Just reply to all and tell me what days you can sing for the Triduum.
———- Forwarded message ——— From: may ruiz <meyay2002@yahoo.com> Date: Sun, Mar 1, 2020 at 2:10 PM Subject: REMINDER: TRIDUUM CHOIR PRACTICE STARTS TODAY To: Maria Magallon <ozzynmar@gmail.com>, Mel Manaloto <imizmel@yahoo.com>, Annie Henzel <henzelthethorn@aol.com>, Katherine Nguyen < katherinenguyen1030@gmail.com>, Christian Andrade <maribeland368@gmail.com>, Manny Raymundo <manny_raymundo@yahoo.com>, Arnold Banares < ab_banares@yahoo.com>, Naomi Mari <naomi_mari@hotmail.com>, Tam Nguyen < totamt@gmail.com>, Gerry Andrade <gerry.andrade16@yahoo.com>, Bill Henzel < wjhenzel1@aol.com>, Sonia Elgar <soniae1104@yahoo.com>, Janelle Wang < petitebelle10@yahoo.com>, Caridad <cary3117@att.net>, Madee Raymundo < madee.raymundo17@gmail.com>, Jeff Lum <jeff.y.lum@gmail.com>, Ramil Dangca < ramil_dangca@yahoo.com>, MamaJun Auxilio <junauxilio@yahoo.com>, T. Th < tthjune65@yahoo.com>, Kelly Gomez <kellygomez150@gmail.com>, Kim Elgar < kelgar565@gmail.com>, Lorna Torribio <roswell05@sbcglobal.net>, Rosemarie Baltazar <baltarose@yahoo.com>, Cecile Nguyen <cenganguyen@yahoo.com>, Oanh Day <oanhtran18@gmail.com>, Michael Day ( Lector St Elizabeth) < daymichaelv2@gmail.com>, Medy Sana <medysana@yahoo.com>, Julia Rey < juliareyregalado@gmail.com>, Terry & Branda Dow <buddyspack@att.net>, Dick and Cookie Jones <jonesetc@att.net>, Patrick De Rosa <pdolan2016@yahoo.com>, Susana Sun <susana.sun@iname.com> CC: John Chinte <jchinte@gmail.com>, Mona Sioco <mlquinoness@gmail.com>, Victor Miranda <miranda.1245@hotmail.com>, Ozzy Magallon < ozzymagallon17@gmail.com>
Here are the DATES of REHEARSALS *(for now, unless there will be changes)* *Easter Triduum * *** March 1, 15, 29 & April 5 (Sundays) *3pm* St. Elizabeth *** Week-Nights Schedule March 11, 18, 25 & April 1, at *7pm PMC*
*** *Final Rehearsal for Holy Thursday *- April 8 Wed of Holy Week 6:30pm *** *Final Rehearsal for Good Friday *- April 8 Wed of Holy Week 7:30pm *** *Final Rehearsal for Easter Vigil* – April 11 Sat 9:30am-1pm with Lunch.
Looking forward to making great music again with you this EASTER TRIDUUM.
Please confirm if what days are you joining.
Thanks much. May

*MaryHope Ruiz*

“Remember that you are needed. There is at least one important work to be done that will not be done unless you do it.”* -Charles L. Allen*

Rehearsal Friday

Hey PV,
Rehearsal Friday, January 10 @ 7PM. Please make sure to bring all music as well as Shine For You.
Thanks everyone- you know the drill reply to all let us know if you’ll be coming to rehearsal or not.

Rehearsal Friday

Hi PV,
Happy 2020 New Year to you all!
Hope to see everyone this Friday, January 3rd at 730PM.
John is asking everyone to please review Shine For You before Friday’s rehearsal.
We all know the drill. Spread the word and reply to and let us know if you’ll be present or not.

rehearsal this Friday

Hi PV,
Yes of course rehearsal this Friday, December 13th at 7:30PM.
1. Heads up Faith Choir is planning to attend to run through Christmas music Friday at 8:45PM- so lets please arrive on time. 2. Faith Choir is asking if PV would be available to sing for their mass on December 29th, who’s available? 3. Have music ready for Simbang Gabi & Chrismas Day. Both setlists are posted now. 4. Room location is TBA because of the Vietnamese concert. We will update on Friday evening.
Please reply to all about December 29th AND if you’ll be present for rehearsal or not.
Thanks everyone please, spread the word, and good night!