Yes rehearsal tomorrow night

Hi PV,
Tomorrow evening starting at 7PM here’s how rehearsal will go:
– 7PM start with Palm Sunday music – 8:15 start Easter Sunday music – 9:30 aim to be done… although don’t be surprised if rehearsal still isn’t over.
*** will anyone volunteer to bring snacks & drinks for tomorrows rehearsal?
On Wednesday, April 17th rehearsal will start at 8PM, (because this is after Triduum rehearsal) expect it to end by 9:30PM John will clean up Hallelujah to the Lamb during this time.
Please please please- make Triduum a priority if you are apart of the choir.
LASTLY: you all know the drill. Reply to all and let us know if you can:
1. Make rehearsal tomorrow night 2. Bring snacks & what tomorrow night 3. Be present for Triduum rehearsal 4. Be present for PV rehearsal at 8PM
*PLEASE answer all* 4 *questions. Thanks (:*

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