November 1 – All Saints Day, and other things

Hi everyone,
May is asking for help from us this coming November 1, All Saints Day at 6:00pm. I’ll be available, but of course I’d need your help for this. Let me know if you’re available November 1 at about 5:30 (or 5:15 would be even better!) It’s a Friday, so we’ll practice for November 3 right after.
I don’t yet have a lineup, but here’s what we did last year:
We’ll take this Friday off, but let’s meet next Friday. So here is our upcoming schedule:
10/18: off 10/25: practice 7:30 11/1: mass 6, call 5:30 practice 7:30 11/3: mass 9:30, call 8:30 11/8: practice 11/10: mass
It’s also time to start working on Angel’s Carol. Please start listening to it, and I’ll work on finishing the mp3’s and upload them so you have practice files.
thanks so much everyone!

Rehearsal Friday

Hi everyone practice this Friday. Please reply to all and let us know if you’ll be present or not.
Thanks! Also remember to let John know of any song suggestions AND/OR if you’ll be late to rehearsal.
Please spread the word

Sunday October 6 music

Hi all,
I’d love your input on Sunday October 6th’s music lineup.
I’ve attached resources I use:
Today’s Liturgy (pdf attached)
Readings from USCCB:
Voices as One blog:
If you’d like to participate please send me your suggestions directly. Otherwise enjoy your week!

Rehearsal Friday

Hi PV,
Rehearsal this Friday @ 7:30PM. Please reply to all of you can make it.
And again… text John if you’ll be attending but are running late.
Thanks everyone spread the word please (:

Fwd: PSALM 90 FOR SEPT 07-08

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Hi y’all,
Very late email my apologies. But rehearsal tomorrow night 7:30PM sharp.
Again reply if you’re coming or not AND text John if you’re running late so he can know what’s going on
ALSO! Since I’m so late to notify you all please help me spread the word to others about the rehearsal.


Hey everyone!
Yes rehearsal Friday, August 23rd @ 7:30PM.
Please reply to all and let us know if you’ll make it or not.
AAAAND if yes- remember to text John to let him know if you’ll be late.