Yes Rehearsal

Hi PV,
Rehearsal this Friday @ 7:30PM, please reply to all and let us know if you’ll be present or not. Y’all know the drill by now.
Thanks (:

Rehearsal @ 6

Hey PV,
Please be at rehearsal by 6PM sharp Friday evening. Being all the wedding music and reply to all and let us know if you’ll be present or not.
Thanks all for your cooperation

Yes rehearsal tomorrow night

Hi PV,
Tomorrow evening starting at 7PM here’s how rehearsal will go:
– 7PM start with Palm Sunday music – 8:15 start Easter Sunday music – 9:30 aim to be done… although don’t be surprised if rehearsal still isn’t over.
*** will anyone volunteer to bring snacks & drinks for tomorrows rehearsal?
On Wednesday, April 17th rehearsal will start at 8PM, (because this is after Triduum rehearsal) expect it to end by 9:30PM John will clean up Hallelujah to the Lamb during this time.
Please please please- make Triduum a priority if you are apart of the choir.
LASTLY: you all know the drill. Reply to all and let us know if you can:
1. Make rehearsal tomorrow night 2. Bring snacks & what tomorrow night 3. Be present for Triduum rehearsal 4. Be present for PV rehearsal at 8PM
*PLEASE answer all* 4 *questions. Thanks (:*

Fwd: St. Elizabeth Easter Mass – YouTube Playlist

Check this out!
———- Forwarded message ——— From: Susana Sun <> Date: Sat, Apr 6, 2019, 6:26 PM Subject: St. Elizabeth Easter Mass – YouTube Playlist To: <>, John Chinte <> Cc: Sun, Susana <>
Hi folks, I went through the Praising Voice Choir Team website to look at the lineup for the Easter Mass. It is a very nice and upbeat selection of songs. I am looking forward to singing these songs.
I created a YouTube Playlist for the songs in case you would like to use it for practicing the songs.
John, I don’t have the email ids of the Praising Voice team, so feel free to distribute to them.
Regards, Susana


Hi there PV,
It is crucial that we have enough time/ practice for Palm Sunday as well as Easter Sunday (April 13/ 20) so… John is asking to see who would be able to make a Wednesday, April 17th @ around 7PM rehearsal?
Please reply to all to let us know if you can make it or not, as well as the rehearsal tonight (if you havent already done so)