rehearsal this Friday

Hi PV,
Yes of course rehearsal this Friday, December 13th at 7:30PM.
1. Heads up Faith Choir is planning to attend to run through Christmas music Friday at 8:45PM- so lets please arrive on time. 2. Faith Choir is asking if PV would be available to sing for their mass on December 29th, who’s available? 3. Have music ready for Simbang Gabi & Chrismas Day. Both setlists are posted now. 4. Room location is TBA because of the Vietnamese concert. We will update on Friday evening.
Please reply to all about December 29th AND if you’ll be present for rehearsal or not.
Thanks everyone please, spread the word, and good night!

Rehearsal Friday

Good evening everyone,
Yes rehearsal this Friday, December 6th @ 730PM.
Please bring all music for this Sunday, Simbang Gabi, and Angels Carol.
Keep practicing Angels Carol on your own guys. It’s a beautiful piece and I know our choir can do it.
Take care & stay dry. See you all Friday.
PS. You know the drill reply if you are coming or not. Thanks (:

Rehearsal Friday

Good morning PV,
Rehearsal this Friday, November 22nd @ 7:30PM.
Please have all the following music ready to rehearse: Sunday, December 1 Sunday, December 8 Sunday, December 22 Simbang Gabi Angels Carol.
Lastly you all know the drill. Reply to all and let us know if you’ll be there or not.

Rehearsal Friday

Hey PV,
Rehearsal Friday please try to arrive on time (730PM) because Christian will be there on time to rehearse with us.
We will be practicing music for November 9th as well as music for this Sunday. Please have all music ready.
Reply to all to let us know if you’ll be present or not.
Thanks spread the word.

Mass & Rehearsal Friday

OF course many of you will be coming form work, but please make it as soon as you can for the warm up at 5PM before the mass at 6PM.
Immediately following the mass we will be having rehearsal for this coming Sunday.
Please reply to all and let us know if you can make the warm up, mass and rehearsal.
Thanks all see you soon!

November 1 – All Saints Day, and other things

Hi everyone,
May is asking for help from us this coming November 1, All Saints Day at 6:00pm. I’ll be available, but of course I’d need your help for this. Let me know if you’re available November 1 at about 5:30 (or 5:15 would be even better!) It’s a Friday, so we’ll practice for November 3 right after.
I don’t yet have a lineup, but here’s what we did last year:
We’ll take this Friday off, but let’s meet next Friday. So here is our upcoming schedule:
10/18: off 10/25: practice 7:30 11/1: mass 6, call 5:30 practice 7:30 11/3: mass 9:30, call 8:30 11/8: practice 11/10: mass
It’s also time to start working on Angel’s Carol. Please start listening to it, and I’ll work on finishing the mp3’s and upload them so you have practice files.
thanks so much everyone!

Rehearsal Friday

Hi everyone practice this Friday. Please reply to all and let us know if you’ll be present or not.
Thanks! Also remember to let John know of any song suggestions AND/OR if you’ll be late to rehearsal.
Please spread the word